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Heidelberg Ethnology was a peer-reviewed Occasional Paper Series devoted to the publication of new and innovative research in socio-cultural anthropology. Its guiding purpose is to stimulate critical dialogue that brings to bear the findings of nuanced empirical study on issues of wider theoretical import. Papers in the Series address themes both traditional and contemporary, from ritual, economy and kinship to media, gender and politics. In addition to conventional monographs the Series also welcomes submissions in other formats, including multimedia presentations, conference proceedings, research data and related materials of wider ethnological significance. In line with the interests of its institutional home, the regional emphasis of the Series is on Southern Asia and Oceania. However, the Editorial Board actively seeked outstanding contributions from those working in other parts of Asia and the Pacific region, Africa, Europe, Australia and the Americas. With the aim of reaching as wide an audience as possible, the Series published papers on a rolling basis in an open-access electronic format in collaboration with the Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg. Papers may be submitted for publication in either English or German.

The journal was completed in 2017.

Occasional papers

Occasional paper No. 6 (2017) pdf
Goods and Ethnicity: Trade and Bazaars in Laos from a Gift Perspective; A Discussion

Guido Sprenger, with commentaries from Chris Gregory, Kostas Retsikas & Hans Peter Hahn


Occasional paper No. 5 (2017) pdf
Studying Sites of Buddhist Leisure: A Discussion of Justin Thomas McDaniel’s Architects of Buddhist Leisure

Thomas N. Patton, David Morgan, Anne Hansen, Thomas Borchert, Richard Fox & Justin Thomas McDaniel

 Occasional paper No. 4 (2016) pdf
The Other Side of the Gift: Soliciting in Java – A Discussion

Konstantinos Retsikas, with commentaries from Carla Jones, Daromir Rudnyckyj and Guido Sprenger


Occasional paper No. 3 (2015) pdf
Islam and the Perception of Islam in Contemporary Indonesia

Vincent Houben

Occasional paper No. 2 (2015) pdf
Optical Allusions: Looking at Looking, in Balinese and Dutch Encounters

Margaret Wiener


Occasional paper No. 1 (2015) pdf
Beyond the Whorfs of Dover: A Study of Balinese Interpretive Practices

Mark Hobart



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