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JIABS 32/1-2 (2009[2010]) In memoriam, Ji Xianlin (6. August 1911 – 11. Juli 2009) Details   PDF
Hu Haiyan von Hinüber
JIABS 17/2 (1994) In Memoriam Michel Strickman (Obituary) Details   PDF
Bernard Faure
JIABS 30/1-2 (2007[2009]) In memoriam, Nino Forte (6 Aug. 1940 - 22 July 2006 Details   PDF
Hubert Durt
JIABS 23/1 (2000) In memoriam Prof. Hajime Nakamura Abstract
Jikidō Takasaki
JIABS 23/1 (2000) In memoriam Prof. Hajime Nakamura Abstract
Jikido Takasaki
JIABS 23/1 (2000) In memoriam Prof. Hajime Nakamura Abstract   PDF
Jikido Takasaki
JIABS 23/1 (2000) In memoriam Prof Hajime Nakamura (Obituary) Details
Jikido Takasaki
JIABS 26/1 (2003) In Memoriam Professor Akira Hirakawa Details   PDF
Kotatsu Fujita
JIABS 20/2 (1997) In memoriam Sir Harold Walter Bailey Details   PDF
Eivind Kahrs
JIABS 27/2 (2004) In memoriam, Yūichi Kajiyama (2.1.1925–29.3.2004) Details   PDF
Katsumi Mimaki
JIABS 32/1-2 (2009[2010]) In pursuit of transparent means of knowledge – The Madhyamaka project of rMa bya Byaṅ chub brtson ʼgrus Details
Thomas Doctor
JIABS 23/2 (2000) In the Beginning … Guanding 灌顶 (561-632) and the Creation of Early Tiantai Abstract   PDF
Linda Penkower
JIABS 36-37/1-2 (2013-2014[2015]) In What Way is There a Saṅghavacana? Finding the Narrator, Author and Editor in Pāli Texts Abstract   PDF
Sarah Shaw
JIABS 21/2 (1998) Index to JIABS 11-21 Details   PDF
Toru Tomabechi
JIABS 28/1 (2005) Index to JIABS vol. 22–26 Details   PDF
Jiří Holba
JIABS 15/2 (1992) Indian Altruism: A Study of the Terms bodhicitta and bodhicittotpāda Details   PDF
Gareth Sparham
JIABS 10/2 (1987) Indian Commentaries on the Heart Sūtra: The Politics of Interpretation Details   PDF
Malcolm David Eckel
JIABS 2/2 (1979) Indrabhūti's 'Confession of Errors in the Fundamental Teachings of the Vajrayāna', A Critical Edition, English Translation and Discussion Details   PDF
Nathan Katz
JIABS 36-37/1-2 (2013-2014[2015]) Inks, Pigments, Paper : In Quest of Unveiling the History of the Production of a Tibetan Buddhist Manuscript Collection from the Tibetan-Nepalese Borderlands Abstract   PDF
Orna Almogi, Emanuel Kindzorra, Oliver Hahn, Ira Rabin
JIABS 36-37/1-2 (2013-2014[2015]) Innovation and the Role of Intertextuality in the Pañcaskandhaka and Related Yogācāra Works Abstract   PDF
Jowita Kramer
JIABS 32/1-2 (2009[2010]) Interpreting the tantras: A Tibetan debate on the numbers of adepts admissible to tantric consecration Details
Jan-Ulrich Sobisch
JIABS 31/1-2 (2008[2010]) Introduction Details   PDF
Max Deeg
JIABS 28/2 (2005[2008]) Introduction Details   PDF
Anne M. Blackburn
JIABS 22/2 (1999) Introduction Details   PDF
Donald K. Swearer
JIABS 3/2 (1980) Introduction à la connaissance des hlvin bal de Thailande (Anatole-Roger Peltier) Details   PDF
Pierre-Bernard Lafont
JIABS 22/1 (1999) Introduction to Alexander von Staël-Holstein's Article "On a Peking Edition of the Tibetan Kanjur Which Seems to be Unknown in the West" Details   PDF
Jonathan A. Silk
JIABS 32/1-2 (2009[2010]) Introduction – Unearthing the foundations of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy Details
Pascale Hugon, Kevin Vose
JIABS 16/1 (1993) Is it a Crow (P. dhaṃka) or a Nurse (Skt. dhātrī), or Milk (Skt. kṣīra) or a Toy-Plough (P. vaṃka)? Details   PDF
Stephan H. Levitt
JIABS 1/2 (1979) Is the Buddhist Notion of "Cause Necessitates Effect" (Paṭiccasamuppāda) Scientific? Details   PDF
A. D. P. Kalansuriya
JIABS 15/1 (1992) Is the Dharma-kāya the Real "Phantom Body" of the Buddha? Details   PDF
Paul M. Harrison
JIABS 27/2 (2004) Is there really "Esoteric" Buddhism Details   PDF
Richard D. McBride, II
JIABS 5/2 (1982) Isaline Blew Horner (1896-1981) (Obituary) Details   PDF
Kenneth Roy Norman
JIABS 21/2 (1998) Islam in the Kālacakra Tantra Details   PDF
John Newman
JIABS 16/1 (1993) Issues on the Field of East Asian Buddhist Studies: An Extended Review of Sudden and Gradual: Approaches to Enlightenment in Chinese Thought (ed. Peter N. Gregory) Details   PDF
T. Griffith Foulk
JIABS 9/1 (1986) J. W. de Jong Replies Details   PDF
Jan Willem De Jong
JIABS 12/2 (1989) J. W. de Jong's Review of Jeffrey Hopkins' "Meditation on Emptiness": An Exchange; Jeffrey Hopkins Replies to J. W. de Jong Details   PDF
Jeffrey Hopkins
JIABS 12/2 (1989) J. W. de Jong's Review of Jeffrey Hopkins' Meditation on Emptiness: An Exchange; J. W. de Jong Replies to Jeffrey Hopkins Details   PDF
Jan Willem De Jong
JIABS 9/2 (1986) Jeffrey Hopkins Replies Details   PDF
Jeffrey Hopkins
JIABS 12/2 (1989) Jhāna and Buddhist Scholasticism Details   PDF
Martin Stuart-Fox
JIABS 7/2 (1984) John Brough (1917-1984) (Obituary) Details   PDF
Padmanabh S. Jaini
JIABS 3/2 (1980) Kaniṣka's Buddha Coins – The Official Iconography of Śākyamuni & Maitreya Details   PDF
Joseph Cribb
JIABS 1/2 (1979) Keci, "Some," in a Pali Commentary Details   PDF
Isaline Blew Horner
JIABS 23/2 (2000) Knowing All through Knowing One: Mystical Communion or Logical Trick in the Tattvasaṃgraha and Tattvasaṃgrahapañjikā Abstract   PDF
Sara McClintock
JIABS 7/2 (1984) Kokan Shiran and Musō Soseki: "Chineseness" vs. "Japaneseness" in Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Japan Details   PDF
David Pollack
JIABS 7/2 (1984) L. M. Joshi: A Brief Communication Details   PDF
Robert A. F. Thurman
JIABS 8/1 (1985) Lal Mani Joshi (1935-1984) (Obituary) Details   PDF
Narayan Hemandas Samtani, Robert A. F. Thurman
JIABS 16/2 (1993) Lamas, Emperors, and Rituals: Political Implications in Qing Imperial Ceremonies Details   PDF
James Hevia
JIABS 5/2 (1982) Later Mādhyamika in China: Some Current Perspectives on the History of Chinese Prajñāpāramitā Thought Details   PDF
Aaron K. Koseki
Buddhism and Law (18/1, 1995) Law, State, and Political Ideology in Tibet Details   PDF
Georges Dreyfus
JIABS 10/1 (1987) Les Réponses des Pudgalavādin aux Critiques des écoles Bouddhiques Details   PDF
Thich Thien Chau
JIABS 6/2 (1983) Les royaumes de l'Himalaya, histoire et civilisation: le Ladakh, le Bhoutan, le Sikkim, le Népal (Alexander W. Macdonald) Details   PDF
André Bareau
JIABS 27/2 (2004) Les sources de la Sukhāvatī, autour d'une étude récente de Gérard Fussman Details   PDF
Jérôme Ducor
JIABS 13/1 (1990) Les Tamang du Népal; Usages et religion, religion de l'usage (Brigitte Steinmann) Details   PDF
David Holmberg
JIABS 2/2 (1979) Living Buddhist Masters (Jack Kornfield) Details   PDF
Roger R. Jackson
JIABS 34/1-2 2011[2012] Locating Tantric antinomianism - An essay toward an intellectual history of the 'practices/practice observance' (caryā/caryāvrata) Abstract   PDF
Christian K. Wedemeyer
JIABS 22/2 (1999) Looking for the Vinaya: Monastic Discipline in the Practical Canons of the Theravāda Details   PDF
Anne M. Blackburn
JIABS 15/1 (1992) Lost in China, Found in Tibet: How Wonch'uk Became the Author of the Great Chinese Commentary Details   PDF
John Powers
JIABS 3/2 (1980) Love and Sympathy in Theravāda Buddhism (Harvey B. Aronson) Details   PDF
José Ignacio Cabezón
JIABS 4/2 (1981) Lustful Maidens and Ascetic Kings. Buddhist and Hindu Stories of Life (C. Amore & Larry D. Shinn) Details   PDF
Beth Simon
JIABS 33/1-2 2010[2011] Madhyamaka Buddhist ethics Details   PDF
Tom J. F. Tillemans
JIABS 14/2 (1991) Mādhyamika and Yogācāra: A Study of Mahāyāna Philosophies (Gadjin M. Nagao) Details   PDF
Paul J. Griffiths
JIABS 11/1 (1988) Magical Upāya in the Vimalakīrtinirdeśa-sūtra Details   PDF
Edward Hamlin
JIABS 35/1-2 2012[2013] Mahākāla worship in the Dali kingdom (937–1253) – A study of the Dahei tianshen daochang yi Abstract
Megan Bryson
JIABS 1/1 (1978) Mahāmaudgalyāyana's Sermon on the Letting-in and Not Letting-in (of Sensitive Influences) Details   PDF
Ernst Waldschmidt
JIABS 13/1 (1990) Mahāmudrā: The Quintessence of Mind and Meditation (Lobsang Lhalungpa) Details   PDF
Matthew Kapstein
JIABS 2/1 (1979) Mahāyāna Buddhist Meditation: Theory and Practice (ed. Minoru Kiyota) Details   PDF
Joseph M. Kitagawa
JIABS 12/1 (1989) Mahāyāna Vratas in Newar Buddhism Details   PDF
Todd T. Lewis
JIABS 32/1-2 (2009[2010]) Making and remaking the ultimate in early Tibetan readings of Śāntideva Details
Kevin Vose
On Maṇḍalas (19/2, 1996) Maṇḍala, Maṇḍala on the Wall: Variations of Usage in the Shingon School Details   PDF
David L. Gardiner
On Maṇḍalas (19/2, 1996) Maṇḍalas on the Move: Reflections from Chinese Esoteric Buddhism Circa 800 C.E. Details   PDF
Charles D. Orzech
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