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JIABS 7/1 (1984) Paritta: A Historical and Religious Study of the Buddhist Ceremony for Peace and Prosperity in Sri Lanka (Lily de Silva) Details   PDF
Ter Ellingson
JIABS 2/1 (1979) Paul Demiéville (Obituary) Details   PDF
Alexander W. Macdonald
JIABS 27/1 (2004) Pelliot 349: A Dunhuang Tibetan Text on rDo rje Phur pa Details   PDF
Robert Mayer
JIABS 9/1 (1986) Philosophy of Mind in Sixth Century China, Paramārtha's ‘Evolution of Consciousness' (Diana Y. Paul) Details   PDF
Jan Willem De Jong
JIABS 32/1-2 (2009[2010]) Phywa pa’s argumentative analogy between factive assessment (yid dpyod) and conceptual thought (rtog pa) Details
Jonathan Stoltz
JIABS 5/2 (1982) Pilgrimage and the Structure of Sinhalese Buddhism Details   PDF
John C. Holt
JIABS 22/2 (1999) Politics of Higher Ordination, Buddhist Monastic Identitiy, and Leadership at the Dambulla Temple in Sri Lanka Details   PDF
Ananda Abeysekara
JIABS 1/2 (1979) Practice and Theory of Tibetan Buddhism (Geshe Lhundup Sopa & Jeffrey Hopkins) Details   PDF
V. Olivetti
JIABS 3/1 (1980) Prajñāpāramitā and the Buddhahood of the Non-Sentient World: The San-Lun Assimilation of Buddha-Nature and Middle Path Doctrine Details   PDF
Aaron K. Koseki
JIABS 5/2 (1982) Pratītyasamutpādastutisubhāṣitahṛdayam of Acarya Tsong kha pa (Gyaltsen Namdol & Ngawang Samten) Details   PDF
José Ignacio Cabezón
JIABS 10/1 (1987) Pre-Buddhist Elements in Himalayan Buddhism: The Institution of Oracles Details   PDF
Ramesh Chandra Tewari
On Maṇḍalas (19/2, 1996) Preface Details   PDF
Frank E. Reynolds
JIABS 1/2 (1979) Presidential Address Details   PDF
Gadjin M. Nagao
JIABS 4/1 (1981) Presidential Address at the 2nd IABS Conference at Nalanda Details   PDF
Prahlad Pradhan
JIABS 6/1 (1983) Presidential Address Given on the Occasion of the Fifth Conference of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, Hertford College, Oxford, England, August 16-21, 1982 Details   PDF
Walpola Rahula
JIABS 33/1-2 2010[2011] Priming the lamp of dhamma - The Buddha’s miracles in the Pāli Mahāvaṃsa Details   PDF
Kristin Scheible
JIABS 5/2 (1982) Prolegomena to an English Translation of the Sūtrasamuccaya Details   PDF
Bhikkhu Pāsādika
JIABS 14/1 (1991) Pudgalavāda in Tibet? Assertions of Substantially Existent Selves in the Writings of Tsong-kha-pa and His Followers Details   PDF
Joe Bransford Wilson
JIABS 10/2 (1987) Pure Land Buddhist Hermeneutics: Hōnen's Interpretation of Nembutsu Details   PDF
Allan A. Andrews
JIABS 12/2 (1989) Rationality and Mind in Early Buddhism (Frank J. Hoffman) Details   PDF
Roger R. Jackson
JIABS 7/2 (1984) Reason as the Prime Principle in Tsong kha pa's Delineation of Deity Yoga as the Demarcation Between Sūtra and Tantra Details   PDF
Jeffrey Hopkins
JIABS 35/1-2 2012[2013] Reasoning-for-others in Candrakīrti’s Madhyamaka thought Abstract   PDF
Chizuko Yoshimizu
JIABS 16/2 (1993) Recent French Contributions to Himalayan and Tibetan Studies Details   PDF
Per Kvaerne
JIABS 36-37/1-2 (2013-2014[2015]) Recovering Lost Writing and Beyond : Multispectral Imaging for Text-related and Codicological Studies of Tibetan Paper and Sanskrit Palm-Leaf Manuscripts Details   PDF
Orna Almogi, Martin Delhey, Claire MacDonald, Boryana Pouvkova
On Maṇḍalas (19/2, 1996) Reevaluating the Eight-Ninth Century Pāla Milieu: Icono-Conservatism and the Persistence of Śākyamuni Details   PDF
Jacob N. Kinnard
JIABS 14/2 (1991) Reflections on the Maheśvara Subjugation Myth: Indic Materials, Sa-skya-pa Apologetics, and the Birth of Heruka Details   PDF
Ronald M. Davidson
JIABS 16/2 (1993) Reinterpreting the Jhānas Details   PDF
Roderick S. Bucknell
JIABS 2/2 (1979) Religion and the Legitimation of Power in South Asia; Religion and the Legitimation of Power in Sri Lanka; Religion and the Legitimation of Power in Thailand, Laos and Burma (ed. Bardwell L. Smith) Details   PDF
Balkrishna Govind Gokhale
JIABS 16/1 (1993) Religion, Kinship and Buddhism: Ambedkar's Vision of a Moral Community Details   PDF
Anne M. Blackburn
JIABS 7/2 (1984) Religious Festivals in South India and Sri Lanka (ed. Guy R. Welbon & Glenn E. Yocum) Details   PDF
Peter Claus
JIABS 26/1 (2003) Relying on the Dharma and not the Person: Reflections on authority and Transmission in Buddhism and Buddhist Studies Details   PDF
Paul M. Harrison
On Method (18/2, 1995) Remarks on Philology Details   PDF
Tom J.F. Tillemans
JIABS 31/1-2 (2008[2010]) Reopening the Maitreya-files – Two almost identical early Maitreya sūtra translations in the Chinese Canon: Wrong attributions and text-historical entanglements Details   PDF
Elsa I. Legittimo
JIABS 5/2 (1982) Répertoire du Canon Bouddhique Sino-Japonais, Edition de Taishō. Fascicule Annex du Hōbōgirin (Paul Demiéville, Hubert Durt, Anna Seidel) Details   PDF
Lewis R. Lancaster
JIABS 21/1 (1998) Replacing hu with fan: A Change in the Chinese Perception of Buddhism during the Medieval Period Details   PDF
Yang Jidong
JIABS 3/1 (1980) Replies to Alex Wayman Details   PDF
Geshe Lhundup Sopa
JIABS 3/1 (1980) Replies to Geshe Sopa Details   PDF
Alex Wayman
JIABS 36-37/1-2 (2013-2014[2015]) Report of the XVI th Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies Abstract   PDF
Ulrich Pagel
JIABS 3/1 (1980) Report on A Critical Dictionary of Pāli Details   PDF
Kenneth Roy Norman
JIABS 15/1 (1992) Report on the 10th IABS Conference Details   PDF
Alexander W. Macdonald
The Sautrāntikas (26/2, 2003) Report on the XIIIth Conference of the IABS Details   PDF
Oskar Von Hinüber
JIABS 23/1 (2000) Report on the XIIth Conference of the IABS Abstract   PDF
Oskar von Hinüber
JIABS 28/2 (2005[2008]) Report on the XIVth conference of the International Association of Buddhist Studies Details   PDF
Tom J.F. Tillemans
JIABS 20/1 (1997) Review: Zenbase CD 1 Details   PDF
John R. McRae
JIABS 34/1-2 2011[2012] Rig 'dzin Dpal ldan bkra shis (1688-1743) and the emergence of a Tantric community in Reb kong, A mdo (Qinghai) Abstract   PDF
Yangdon Dhondup
JIABS 32/1-2 (2009[2010]) rṄog Blo ldan śes rab’s position on the Buddha-nature doctrine and its influence on the early gSaṅ phu tradition Details
Kazuo Kano
JIABS 32/1-2 (2009[2010]) Roṅ zom Chos bzaṅ on Mahāyoga and Madhyamaka Details
Heidi Köppl
JIABS 20/2 (1997) Rules for the sīmā Regulation in the Vinaya and its Commentaries and their Application in Thailand Details   PDF
Petra Kieffer-Pülz
JIABS 4/1 (1981) Rune E. A. Johansson's Analysis of Citta: A Criticism Details   PDF
Arvind Sharma
JIABS 5/1 (1982) Sa skya paṇḍita's Account of the bSam yas Debate: History as Polemic Details   PDF
Roger R. Jackson
JIABS 2/1 (1979) Sambodhi in Aśoka's 8th Rock Edict Details   PDF
Arthur Llewellyn Basham
JIABS 3/1 (1980) Śāntideva: Mystique bouddhiste des VIIe et VIIIe siècles (Amalia Pezzali) Details   PDF
José Ignacio Cabezón
Buddhist Histories (25/1-2, 2002) Śarīra and Scepter. Empress Wu's Political Use of Buddhist Relics Details   PDF
Jinhua Chen
JIABS 13/2 (1990) Sa-skya Paṇḍita the "Polemicist": Ancient Debates and Modern Interpretations Details   PDF
David Jackson
JIABS 10/2 (1987) Sa-skya Paṇḍita, the White Panacea and the Hva-shang Doctrine Details   PDF
Michael Broido
The Sautrāntikas (26/2, 2003) Sautrāntika and the Hṛdaya Treatises Details   PDF
Bart Dessein
The Sautrāntikas (26/2, 2003) Sautrāntika in the Abhidharmakośabhāṣya Details   PDF
Robert Kritzer
JIABS 8/1 (1985) Self and Non-Self in Early Buddhism (Joaquin Pérez-Remón) Details   PDF
Vijitha Rajapakse
JIABS 8/1 (1985) Selfless Persons: Imagery and Thought in Theravāda Buddhism (Steven Collins) Details   PDF
Vijitha Rajapakse
JIABS 9/1 (1986) Seven Works of Vasubandhu: The Buddhist Psychological Doctor (Stefan Anacker) Details   PDF
A. W. Hanson-Barber
JIABS 22/1 (1999) Shandao and Hōnen. Apropos of Julian F. Pas's book Visions of Sukhāvatī Details   PDF
Jérôme Ducor
JIABS 22/1 (1999) Shandao et Hōnen, à propos du livre de Julian F. Pas: Visions of Sukhāvatī Details   PDF
Jérôme Ducor
JIABS 1/2 (1979) Shingon Buddhism: Theory and Practice (Minoru Kiyota) Details   PDF
Aaron K. Koseki
JIABS 10/1 (1987) Shingon Mikkyō's Twofold Maṇḍala: Paradoxes and Integration Details   PDF
Minoru Kiyota
JIABS 9/2 (1986) Shōbōgenzō: Zen Essays by Dōgen (Thomas Cleary) Details   PDF
Steven Heine
JIABS 9/1 (1986) "Signless" Meditations in Pāli Buddhism Details   PDF
Peter Harvey
JIABS 9/2 (1986) Signs, Memory and History: A Tantric Buddhist Theory of Scriptual Transmission Details   PDF
Janet Gyatso
JIABS 8/1 (1985) Simultaneous Relation (Sahabhū-hetu): A Study in Buddhist Theory of Causation Details   PDF
Kenneth K. Tanaka
JIABS 6/2 (1983) Socio-Cultural Aspects of Theravāda Buddhism in Nepal Details   PDF
Ramesh Chandra Tewari
JIABS 2/2 (1979) Some Buddhist Poems in Tamil Details   PDF
G. Vijayavenugopal
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