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JIABS 3/1 (1980) Some Comments on Tsong kha pa's Lam rim chen mo and Professor Wayman's Calming the Mind and Discerning the Real Details   PDF
Geshe Lhundup Sopa
JIABS 15/1 (1992) Some Observations on the Present and Future of Buddhist Studies Details   PDF
David Seyfort Ruegg
JIABS 11/1 (1988) Some Reflections on R.S.Y. Chi's Buddhist Formal Logic Details   PDF
Tom J.F. Tillemans
On Method (18/2, 1995) Some Reflections on the Place of Philosophy in the Study of Buddhism Details   PDF
David Seyfort Ruegg
JIABS 20/2 (1997) Some Remarks on the Rise of the bhikṣunīsaṃgha and on the Ordination Ceremony for bhikṣunīs according to the Dharmaguptaka Vinaya Details   PDF
Ann Heirman
JIABS 4/2 (1981) Sources for a History of the bSam yas Debate (G. W. Houston) Details   PDF
Robert A. F. Thurman
JIABS 20/2 (1997) Stages in the Religious Life of Lay Buddhists in Thaiwan Details   PDF
Charles B. Jones
JIABS 26/1 (2003) Structural Analysis of the bSam gtan mig sgron. A Comparison of the Fourfold Correct Practice in the Āryāvikalpapraveśanāmadhāraṇī and the Contents of the four Main Chapters of the bSam gtan mig sgron Details   PDF
Carmen Meinert
JIABS 9/2 (1986) Studies in Ch'an and Hua-yen (ed. Robert M. Gimello & Peter N. Gregory) Details   PDF
John Jorgenson
JIABS 24/1 (2001) Studies in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Hermeneutics (1). Issues of Interpretation and Translation in the Minor Works of Si-tu Paṇ-chen Chos-kyi-byuṅ-gnas (1699?-1774) Details   PDF
Pieter C. Verhagen
JIABS 28/1 (2005) Studies in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Hermeneutics (5). The mKhas pa rnams 'jug pa'i sgo by Sa skya Paṇḍita Kun dga' rgyal mtshan Details   PDF
Pieter C. Verhagen
JIABS 2/2 (1979) Studies in Pali and Buddhism (ed. A. K. Narain & L. Zwilling) Details   PDF
Jagdish P. Sharma
JIABS 11/1 (1988) Studies in the Buddhist Art of South Asia (ed. A. K. Narain) Details   PDF
Robert L. Brown
JIABS 5/1 (1982) Studies in Traditional Indian Medicine in the the Pāli Canon: Jīvaka and Āyurveda Details   PDF
Kenneth G. Zysk
JIABS 30/1-2 (2007[2009]) Studying Buddhism as if it were not one more among the religions Abstract   PDF
Luis O. Gómez
JIABS 20/1 (1997) Studying Theravada Legal Literature Details   PDF
Andrew Huxley
JIABS 9/2 (1986) Symbolism of the Buddhist Stūpa Details   PDF
Gérard Fussman
JIABS 29/1 (2006[2008]) Syncretism reconsidered: The Four Eminent Monks and their syncretistic styles Details   PDF
William Chu
JIABS 33/1-2 2010[2011] Tall tales, tathāgatas and truth - on the "privileged lie" in Indian Buddhist literature Abstract   PDF
Richard F. Nance
JIABS 4/1 (1981) Tangles and Webs (Padmasiri de Silva) Details   PDF
Gary W. Houston
JIABS 5/1 (1982) Tantra in Tibet; Yoga in Tibet (Jeffrey Hopkins) Details   PDF
Todd Fenner
JIABS 10/1 (1987) Tantric Concept of Bodhicitta: A Buddhist Experiential Philosophy (Minoru Kiyota) Details   PDF
Dale Allen Todaro
JIABS 23/2 (2000) Tāranātha's Presentation of trisvabhāva in the gŹan stoṅ sñiṅ po Abstract   PDF
Klaus-Dieter Mathes
JIABS 23/2 (2000) Tāranātha's Presentation of trisvabhāva in the gŹan stoṅ sñiṅ po Details
Klaus-Dieter Mathes
JIABS 27/2 (2004) Tāranātha's "Twenty-One Differences with regard to the Profound Meaning" Details   PDF
Klaus-Dieter Mathes
JIABS 4/2 (1981) Tasks Ahead: Presidential Address Given on the Occasion of the Third Conference of The International Association of Buddhist Studies, Winnipeg, Canada, August 1980 Details   PDF
Herbert V. Guenther
JIABS 7/2 (1984) Temporary Ordination in Sri Lanka Details   PDF
Richard Gombrich
JIABS 5/2 (1982) Terms of Sanskrit and Pali Origin Acceptable as English Words Details   PDF
Roger R. Jackson
JIABS 28/2 (2005[2008]) "Texts memorized, texts performed: a reconsideration of the role of paritta in Sri Lankan monastic education" Details   PDF
Jeffrey Samuels
JIABS 3/1 (1980) The Abhidharmika Notion of Vijñāṇa and its Soteriological Significance Details   PDF
Braj M. Sinha
JIABS 20/1 (1997) The Advent of Theravāda Buddhism to Mainland South-east Asia Details   PDF
Peter Skilling
JIABS 34/1-2 2011[2012] The antarābhava dispute among Abhidharma traditions and the list of anāgāmins Abstract   PDF
Qian Lin
JIABS 20/2 (1997) The Application of the Vinaya Term nāsanā Details   PDF
Ute Hüsken
JIABS 28/2 (2005[2008]) The art of reading and teaching Dhammapadas: reform, texts, contexts in Thai Buddhist history Details   PDF
Justin T. McDaniel
JIABS 33/1-2 2010[2011] The ātman and its negation - a conceptual and chronological analysis of early Buddhist thought Abstract   PDF
Alexander Wynne
JIABS 35/1-2 2012[2013] The Aṭṭhakavagga as Buddhist poetry Abstract
Eviatar Shulman
JIABS 4/2 (1981) The Autobiography of a 20th-Century Rnying-ma-pa lama Details   PDF
Alexander W. Macdonald
JIABS 29/1 (2006[2008]) The Bhikkhunī-ordination controversy in Thailand Details   PDF
Martin Seeger
JIABS 6/1 (1983) The Bodhisattva Doctrine in Buddhism (ed. Leslie S. Kawamura) Details   PDF
Lal Mani Joshi
JIABS 8/2 (1985) The Bodhisattva Ideal of Theravāda Details   PDF
Shanta Ratnayaka
JIABS 9/2 (1986) The Bodymind Experience in Japanese Buddhism: A Phenomenological Study of Kūkai and Dōgen (D. Shaner) Details   PDF
William Waldron
JIABS 8/1 (1985) The Books of Kiu-Te or the Tibetan Buddhist Tantras: A Preliminary Analysis (David Reigle) / Dzog Chen and Zen (Namkhai Norbu) Details   PDF
Roger R. Jackson
JIABS 7/2 (1984) The Buddha (Michael Carrithers) Details   PDF
Paul J. Griffiths
JIABS 24/1 (2001) The Buddha's Remains: mantra in the Mañjuśrīmūlakalpa Details   PDF
Glenn Wallis
JIABS 27/2 (2004) The Buddhist Canon and the Canon of Buddhist Studies Details   PDF
Oliver Freiberger
JIABS 7/2 (1984) The Buddhist Path to Liberation: An Analysis of the Listing of Stages Details   PDF
Roderick S. Bucknell
JIABS 4/2 (1981) The Buddhist "Prodigal Son": A Story of Misperceptions Details   PDF
Whalen W. Lai
JIABS 31/1-2 (2008[2010]) The Cakrasamvara Tantra (The Discourse of Śrī Heruka): A Study and Annotated Translation Details   PDF
Tsunehiko Sugiki
JIABS 36-37/1-2 (2013-2014[2015]) The Case of the Abhidhamma Commentary Abstract   PDF
L. S. Cousins
JIABS 12/1 (1989) The Categories of T'i, Hsiang, and Yung: Evidence that Paramārtha Composed the Awakening of Faith Details   PDF
William H. Grosnick
JIABS 30/1-2 (2007[2009]) The changing field of Buddhist Studies in North America Details   PDF
José Ignacio Cabezón
JIABS 36-37/1-2 (2013-2014[2015]) The Collected Sayings of the Master : On Authorship, Author-function, and Authority Abstract   PDF
Marta Sernesi
JIABS 8/1 (1985) The Concept of a " Creator God" in Tantric Buddhism Details   PDF
Eva K. Dargay
JIABS 4/1 (1981) The Concepts of Truth and Meaning in the Buddhist Scriptures Details   PDF
José Ignacio Cabezón
JIABS 21/1 (1998) The Construction of Early Tendai Esoteric Buddhism: The Japanese Provenance of Saichō's Transmission Documents and Three Esoteric Buddhist Apocrypha Attributed to Śubhākarasiṁha Details   PDF
Jinhua Chen
Buddhism and Law (18/1, 1995) The Cosmology of Law in Buddhist Tibet Details   PDF
Rebecca Redwood French
JIABS 35/1-2 2012[2013] The cult of the Buddhist dhāraṇī deity Mahāpratisarā along the Maritime Silk Route: New epigraphical and iconographic evidence from the Indonesian Archipelago Abstract   PDF
Thomas Cruijsen, Arlo Griffiths, Marijke J. Klokke
JIABS 9/1 (1986) The Cylcle of Day and Night (Namkhai Norbu) Details   PDF
A. W. Hanson-Barber
JIABS 16/1 (1993) The Dating of the Historical Buddha. Die Datierung des historischen Buddha, Part I (ed. Heinz Bechert) Details   PDF
Abodh Kishor Narain
JIABS 14/1 (1991) The Dawn of Chinese Pure Land Buddhist Doctrine: Ching-ying Hui-yüan's Commentary on the Visualization Sūtra (Kenneth K. Tanaka) Details   PDF
Allan A. Andrews
JIABS 5/2 (1982) The Development of Language in Bhutan Details   PDF
Lopon Nado
JIABS 30/1-2 (2007[2009]) The disciplines of Buddhist Studies - Notes on religious commitment as boundary-marker Details   PDF
Oliver Freiberger
JIABS 5/2 (1982) The Doctrine of the Buddha-Nature in the Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra Details   PDF
Ming-Wood Liu
JIABS 5/1 (1982) The Dragon Girl and the Abbess of Mo-Shan: Gender and Status in the Ch'an Buddhist Tradition Details   PDF
Miriam L. Levering
JIABS 9/1 (1986) The Early Chinese Buddhist Understanding of the Psyche: Chen Hui's Commentary on the Yin Chih Ju Ching Details   PDF
Whalen W. Lai
JIABS 27/1 (2004) The Early Days of the Great Perfection Details   PDF
Sam Van Schaik
JIABS 20/2 (1997) The Early Saṃgha and the Laity Details   PDF
Torkel Brekke
JIABS 13/2 (1990) The Emptiness of Emptiness: An Introduction to Early Indian Mādhyamika (C. W. Huntingtom, Jr. & Geshe Namgyal Wangchen) Details   PDF
José Ignacio Cabezón
JIABS 10/1 (1987) The Female Renunciates of Sri Lanka: the Dasasilamattawa Details   PDF
Lowell W. Boss
JIABS 21/2 (1998) The Figure of Maheśvara/ Rudra in the rÑiṇ-ma-pa Tantric Tradition Details   PDF
Robert Mayer
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