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Buddhist Nuns (24/2, 2001) The Fincances of a Twentieth Century Buddhist Mission: Building Support for the Theravāda Nuns' Order of Nepal Details   PDF
Sarah Le Vine
JIABS 30/1-2 (2007[2009]) The formulation of introductory topics and the writing of exegesis in Chinese Buddhism Details   PDF
Tao Jin
JIABS 11/1 (1988) The Four Levels of Pratītyasamutpāda According to the Fa-hua hsüan i Details   PDF
Carl Bielefeldt
JIABS 1/2 (1979) The Freudian Unconscious and Bhavaṅga Details   PDF
Oliver Hector de Alwis Wijesekera
JIABS 6/1 (1983) The Generalization of an Old Yogic Attainment in Medieval Mahāyāna Sūtra Literature: Some Notes on Jātismara Details   PDF
Gregory Schopen
JIABS 10/2 (1987) The Genesis of an Orientalist: Thomas William Rhys Davids and Buddhism in Sri Lanka (Ananda Wickremeratne) Details   PDF
A. P. Kannangara
JIABS 34/1-2 2011[2012] The gzhan stong model of reality - Some more material on its origin, transmission, and interpretation Abstract   PDF
Klaus-Dieter Mathes
JIABS 7/1 (1984) The Heart of Buddhism (Takeuchi Yoshinori) Details   PDF
Paul J. Griffiths
JIABS 9/2 (1986) The Heart of Buddhist Philosophy: Diṅnāga and Dharmakīrti (Amar Singh) Details   PDF
Richard Hayes
JIABS 15/2 (1992) The Heart Sūtra: A Chinese Apocryphal Text? Details   PDF
Jan Nattier
JIABS 33/1-2 2010[2011] The higher knowledges in the Pāli Nikāyas and Vinaya Details   PDF
Bradley S. Clough
JIABS 9/2 (1986) The Identification of dGa' rab rdo rje Details   PDF
A. W. Hanson-Barber
JIABS 7/1 (1984) The Indravarman (Avaca) Casket Inscription Reconsidered: Further Evidence for Canonical Passages in Buddhist Inscriptions Details   PDF
Richard Salomon, Gregory Schopen
JIABS 10/2 (1987) The Inscription on the Kuṣān Image of Amitābha and the Charakter of the Early Mahāyāna in India Details   PDF
Gregory Schopen
JIABS 12/2 (1989) The Integration of Ch'an/Son and The Teachings (Chiao/Kyo) in Tsung-mi and Chinul Details   PDF
Peter N. Gregory
JIABS 20/1 (1997) The International Association of Buddhist Studies and the World Wide Web. Details   PDF
Joe Bransford Wilson
JIABS 5/2 (1982) The Issue of the Buddha as Vedagū, with Reference to the Formation of the Dhamma and the Dialectic with the Brahmins Details   PDF
Katherine K. Young
JIABS 3/2 (1980) The Jaina Path of Purification (Padmanabh S. Jaini) Details   PDF
Frances Wilson
JIABS 31/1-2 (2008[2010]) The Jifayue sheku tuoluoni jing – Translation, non-translation, both or neither? Details   PDF
Jonathan A. Silk
JIABS 28/1 (2005) The Kalawān Copper-plate Inscription: Early Evidence for Mahāyāna-type Thinking? Details   PDF
David Seyfort Ruegg
JIABS 12/1 (1989) The Kathāvatthu Niyāma Debates Details   PDF
James P. McDermott
JIABS 19/1 (1996) The Lay Ownership of Monasteries and the Role of the Monk in Mūlasarvāstivādin Monasticism Details   PDF
Gregory Schopen
JIABS 10/2 (1987) The Legend of King Asoka: A Study and Translation of the "Asokavadana" (John S. Strong) Details   PDF
Bardwell L. Smith
JIABS 19/1 (1996) The Life and Tibetan Legacy of the Indian Mahāpaṇḍita Vibhūticandra Details   PDF
Cyrus Stearns
JIABS 5/1 (1982) The Life and Time of Paramārtha (499-569) Details   PDF
Diana Y. Paul
Buddhist Nuns (24/2, 2001) The Life of dGe slong ma dPal mo: The Experience of a Leper, Founder of a Fasting Ritual, a Transmitter of Buddhist Teachings on Suffering and Renunciation in Tibetan Religious History Details   PDF
Ivette M. Vargas-O'Brian
JIABS 7/1 (1984) The Literature of the Pudgalavādins Details   PDF
Thich Thien Chau
JIABS 1/1 (1978) The Mahāsāṃghika and the Tathāgatagarbha Details   PDF
Alex Wayman
On Maṇḍalas (19/2, 1996) The Maṇḍala at Ellora / Ellora in the Maṇḍala Details   PDF
Geri H. Malandra
JIABS 13/2 (1990) The Mantra "Oṃ maṇi-padme hūṃ" in an Early Tibetan Grammatical Treatise Details   PDF
Pieter C. Verhagen
JIABS 9/1 (1986) The Meaning of Vijñapti in Vasubandhu's Concept of Mind Details   PDF
Bruce Cameron Hall
JIABS 4/2 (1981) The Memoirs of a Modern Gnostic, Parts I and II (Edward Conze) Details   PDF
Roger R. Jackson
JIABS 17/2 (1994) The Monastic Ownership of Servants or Slaves: Local and Legal Factors in the Redactional History of Two Vinayas Details   PDF
Gregory Schopen
JIABS 2/1 (1979) The Mongol Khans and Chinese Buddhism and Taoism Details   PDF
Sechin Jagchid
JIABS 29/1 (2006[2008]) The Mongolian Big Dipper Sūtra Details   PDF
Johan Elverskog
On Maṇḍalas (19/2, 1996) The Moves Maṇḍalas Make Details   PDF
John S. Strong
JIABS 29/2 (2006[2009]) The mysteries of body, speech, and mind: The three esoterica (sanmi) in medieval Sinitic Buddhism Details   PDF
Richard D. McBride, II
JIABS 31/1-2 (2008[2010]) The nature of the Da anban shouyi jing 大安般守意經 T 602 reconsidered Details   PDF
Stefano Zacchetti
JIABS 27/1 (2004) The Oral Transmission of the Early Buddhist Literature Details   PDF
Alexander Wynne
JIABS 30/1-2 (2007[2009]) The origin of the term 'Mahāyāna' (The Great Vehicle) and its relationship to the Āgamas Details   PDF
Joseph Walser
JIABS 32/1-2 (2009[2010]) The origin of the theory of definition and its place in Phya pa Chos kyi seṅ ge’s philosophical system Details
Pascale Hugon
JIABS 6/1 (1983) The Place of the Sudden Teaching within the Hua-Yen Tradition: An Investigation of the Process of Doctrinal Change Details   PDF
Peter N. Gregory
JIABS 2/2 (1979) The Prajñāpāramitā Literature (Edward Conze) Details   PDF
Edward B. Bastian
JIABS 14/1 (1991) The Pratītyasamutpādagātha and Its Role in the Medieval Cult of the Relics Details   PDF
Daniel Boucher
JIABS 30/1-2 (2007[2009]) The prayer, the priest and the Tsenpo: An early Buddhist narrative from Dunhuang Details   PDF
Sam van Schaik, Lewis Doney
JIABS 7/1 (1984) The Problem of the Icchantika in the Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra Details   PDF
Ming-Wood Liu
JIABS 7/2 (1984) The Rasāvahinī and the Sahassavatthu: A Comparison Details   PDF
Telwatte Rahula
JIABS 23/1 (2000) The Realm of Akṣobhya: A Missing Piece in the History of Pure Land Buddhism Abstract   PDF
Jan Nattier
JIABS 23/1 (2000) The Realm of Akṣobhya: A Missing Piece in the History of Pure Land Buddhism Abstract   PDF
Jan Nattier
JIABS 3/2 (1980) The Realm of Enlightenment in Vijñaptimātratā: The Formulation of the "Four Kinds of Pure Dharmas" Details   PDF
Noriaki Hakamaya
JIABS 11/2 (1988) The Redactions of the Adbhutadharmaparyāya from Gilgit Details   PDF
Yael Bentor
JIABS 4/1 (1981) The Religions of Tibet (Giuseppe Tucci) Details   PDF
Roger R. Jackson
JIABS 13/1 (1990) The Religious Standing of Burmese Buddhist Nuns (thilá-shin): The Ten Precepts and Religious Respect Words Details   PDF
Hiroko Kawanami
JIABS 36-37/1-2 (2013-2014[2015]) The Remains of the Dharma : Editing, Rejecting, and Replacing the Buddha’s Words in Officially Commissioned Sūtras from Dunhuang, 820s to 840s Abstract   PDF
Brandon Dotson
JIABS 30/1-2 (2007[2009]) The ritual of arhat invitation during the Song Dynasty: Why did Mahāyānists venerate the arhat? Details   PDF
Ryan Bongseok Joo
JIABS 6/2 (1983) The Roof Tile of Tempyō (Yasushi Inoue) Details   PDF
John P. Keenan
JIABS 7/1 (1984) The Sanmon-Jimon Schism in the Tendai School of Buddhism: A Preliminary Analysis Details   PDF
Neil McMullin
JIABS 21/2 (1998) The Shuk-den Affair: History and Nature of a Quarrel Details   PDF
Georges Dreyfus
JIABS 32/1-2 (2009[2010]) The silent saṃgha: Some observations on mute sheep monks Details
James A. Benn
JIABS 3/2 (1980) The Sixteen Aspects of the Four Noble Truths and Their Opposites Details   PDF
Alex Wayman
JIABS 11/2 (1988) The Soteriological Purpose of Nāgārjuna's Philosophy: A Study of Chapter Twenty-Three of the Mūla-madhyamaka-kārikās Details   PDF
William L. Ames
JIABS 9/1 (1986) The Special Theory of Pratītyasamutpāda: The Cycle of Dependent Origination Details   PDF
Geshe Lhundup Sopa
JIABS 23/1 (2000) The Story of Rūpāvatī: A Female Past Birth of the Buddha Abstract   PDF
Reiko Ohnuma
JIABS 1/1 (1978) The Story of Vyāsa and Kāśīsundarī Details   PDF
Leonard Zwilling
JIABS 6/2 (1983) The "Suicide" Problem in the Pāli Canon Details   PDF
Martin G. Wiltshire
JIABS 8/2 (1985) The Sutra of Contemplation of the Buddha of Immeasureable Life (Ryukoku University Translation Center) Details   PDF
Minoru Kiyota
JIABS 8/2 (1985) The Sutra of the Wise and the Foolish (mdo bdzaṅs blun), or, the Ocean of Narratives (üliger-ün dalai) (Stanley Frye) Details   PDF
John R. Krueger
JIABS 7/2 (1984) The Symbolism of the Early Stūpa Details   PDF
Peter Harvey
JIABS 4/2 (1981) The Syncretic Religion of Lin Chao-en (Judith A. Berling) Details   PDF
Bardwell L. Smith
JIABS 9/2 (1986) The Tantric Distinction (Jeffrey Hopkins) Details   PDF
Bruce Burill
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