Gropile de cult din aşezarea Poieneşti - Măgura/Dealul Teilor

  • Cornelia-Magda Lazarovici (Author)

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In this study we present the artifacts discovered in two offering pits (705, 905) at Poieneşti – Măgura/Dealul Teilor. This settlement is considered to represent a secondary one, archaeological complexes being of small size and archaeological material very fragmentary. The settlement was entirely excavated during the 20th century by C. Cihodaru, R. Vulpe and a team led by M. Babeş (starting with 1979). Over the time in this site over 40 pits have been investigated; offering pits are represented only by pits 705, 905, as well as maybe pits 351 and 81–86, investigated by R. Vulpe. We present the main archaeological inventory from these pits, that include some very interesting cultual pots (pit 705 – a bowl with a zoomorphic protome; a fragment of a bowl whose handle was shaped as a human face; a pot-stand; pit 905 – a basket type pot; a small chair; an altar-table), as well as other entire or fragmentary artifacts, animal bones, ashes and charcoal fragments. We connect these offering pits to important seasonal events of the local community.

Keywords: Cucuteni A phase, offering pits, archaeological inventory, cultual pots, altar-table, ornaments.