Bronzuri romane inedite din Moesia Inferior

  • George Nuţu (Author)
  • Costel Chiriac (Author)

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Among the recent donations from the last years entered the collections of the Museum of Tulcea is an important group of accessories, furniture, parts of bronze vessels, toilet casket accessories and other finds belonging to instrumentum domesticum, used in everyday life of local communities in Roman Dobroudja. Analyzing the group of finds discussed here we can underline that it is a heterogeneous assemblage, and most of it are concentrated during the early Roman period. Some finds are rare even among similar discoveries in the Roman provinces, as for example the element of a chariot in the form of two panthers heads affronted or the wax spatula handle, an objects belonging undoubtedly to a literary. Finally, the group includes an unfinished finger-key, one of the rare evidence of bronze processing în the North-East Moesia Inferior.

Keywords: bronze finds, instrumentum, bronze vessels, harness gear, part of a chariot, Dobroudja, Moesia Inferior, Early Roman.