Două akinakai descoperite la Cozia, judeţul Iaşi

  • Constantin Iconomu (Author)

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Two Dagger-Swords (Akinakai) Discovered at Cozia, Iaşi County

Three metal weapons have been discovered by chance and then recovered in the village of Cozia (commune of Costuleni), Iaşi county: a badly preserved dagger-sword (akinakes) and a spear-head coming from an inhumation grave; the third piece is a dagger-sword (akinakes), probably found in another grave. All three pieces are of Scythian type, dating from the period 550–450 BCE. The inhumation graves, found in 13 locations in Moldavia, especially in the area between the Siret and the Prut rivers, and dating from the 6th–4th centuries BCE, represent traces left by Scythian warriors, coming from the North Pontic area, who undertook numerous actions of plunder, which partially caused the construction of numerous fortresses, reinforced with ditches and earth walls.

Cuvinte-cheie: săbii pumnal (akinakai), sciţi, morminte de înhumaţie

Keywords: dagger-swords (akinakai), scythians, inhumation graves