Ponduri inedite dobrogene dintr-o colecţie particulară

  • Constantin Iconomu (Author)
  • Costel Chiriac (Author)

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Unpublished Weights from Dobrudja in a Private Collection

We will publish 19 lead weights from the Ionel Matei collection in Bucharest. All the weights come from Dobrudja, but the exact discovery place is known but to a few. The first five weights, issued by the Greek colony of Callatis (catalogue no. 1–5), belong to the MNA-system and date from the city’s period of autonomy. The other weights can be attributed to the Roman age from a chronological point of view (1st–3rd centuries BC). The Roman weights belong to the Roman pound system (catalogue no. 6–19); pieces with catalogue no. 6, 10–12, 14, 16 are ounces, no. 7–8, 13, 15 are half-ounces and one piece (catalogue no. 9) is a sicilicus. The last three weights (catalogue no. 17–19) are hypothetically considered as being weights. It is probable that most lead weights from the Roman age had been issued by the city of Tomis.