Descoperiri monetare din Târgul Romanului (punctul „La Bibliotecă”)

  • George Dan Hânceanu (Author)
  • Lucian Munteanu (Author)

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Monetary Finds from the Medieval Town of Roman - „La Bibliotecă”

In 2012-2013, during the archaeological research conducted in the city of Roman (Neamţ county), the "At the Library" spot, 42 coins werefound. Of these, 26 pieces came from the archaeological layer, while the other 16 pieces were discovered in closed complexes (two workshops). In this paper we present the 26 coins found in the archaeological layer. These are represented by issuings of the rulers of Moldova (3 ex), an imitation after a Venetian ducat, probably realized in a Genoese colony on the Black Sea coast (1 ex.), original and copied Ottoman aspers (3 ex.), Polish coins minted for the Crown (1 ex.) and Lithuania (1 ex.), Austrian coin minted for Hungary (1 ex.), Swedish coins (2 ex.), "war money" from the mint of Sadagura (2 ex.), modern Austrian coins (3 ex.), various small denominations from the time of Carol I (8 ex.) and a chip originating in the German space (Cat. no. 26). The monetary finds discovered in the dwelling levels of the city of Roman during the archaeological research held in the years 2012-2013 reflect an intense social and economic life of this borough in the medieval and modern times, coupled with the continuity in the hearth of the same city.

Keywords: coins, archaeological research, Moldavia, Roman, 14th-19th centuries.


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