DOpElib: Differential Equations and Optimization Environment; A Goal Oriented Software Library for Solving PDEs and Optimization Problems with PDEs

  • Christian Goll (Author)
    Heidelberg University
  • Thomas Wick (Author)
    The University of Texas at Austin
  • Winnifried Wollner (Author)
    University of Hamburg

Identifiers (Article)


In this article, we describe the Differential Equations and Optimization Environment DOpElib.
DOpElib is a software library that provides a unified interface
to high level algorithms such as time-stepping methods, nonlinear solvers and
optimization routines. This structure ensures
that, first of all, the user is only required to write those sections of code
that are specific to
the considered problem. Second, the exchange of parts of the used routines is possible
with only a few lines of code to change instead of large reimplementations.
The article illustrates the design principles and various features
of DOpElib and provides some
numerical results as demonstration for the versatility of the software.


Academic discipline and sub-disciplines
Scientific Computing, Applied Mathematics
goal oriented interface design, numerical solution of optimization problems and partial differential equations