The DUNE-ALUGrid Module.

  • Martin Alkämper (Author)
    University of Stuttgart
    Institute for Applied Mathematics and Numerical Simulations
  • Andreas Dedner (Author)
    University of Warwick
    Mathematics Institute
  • Robert Klöfkorn (Author)
    International Research Institute of Stavanger
  • Martin Nolte (Author)
    University of Freiburg
    Mathematics Institute

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In this paper we present the new DUNE-ALUGrid module. This module
contains a major overhaul of the sources from the ALUGrid library and the
binding to the DUNE software framework. The main improvements concern the
parallel feature set of the library. The main changes include user-defined load
balancing, parallel grid construction, and an redesign of the 2d grid which can now
also be used for parallel computations. In addition many improvements
have been introduced into the code to increase the parallel efficiency and
to decrease the memory footprint. 

The original ALUGrid library is widely used within the DUNE community due to its good parallel performance for problems requiring local adaptivity and dynamic load balancing. Therefore, this new model will benefit a number of DUNE users. In addition we have
added features to increase the range of problems for which the grid manager can
be used, for example, introducing a 3d tetrahedral grid using a parallel newest vertex bisection algorithm for conforming grid refinement. In this paper we will discuss the new features, extensions to the DUNE interface,  and explain for various examples how the code is used in parallel environments.




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