Asynchronous evaluation within parallel environments of coupled finite and boundary element schemes for the simulation of multiphysics problems

Andreas Dedner, Alastair J Radcliffe


A complete finite element (FEM) and boundary element (BEM) computational toolbox is presented, based on the Dune and Bem++ software packages respectively, for the efficient independent solution on parallel/multi-threaded multi-core computers of seperate finite and boundary element systems. Each system has very different memory resource requirements, but can be coupled together within a common computer program for solving multi-physics PDE problems for computational sciences and engineering applications.

Examples of both direct (to a fixed-point) and indirect FEM-BEM iterative coupling, and their performance results with increasing core/thread count, drawn from electromagnetic scattering and fluid mechanics are presented as illustration of the wide scope of applications for this package.


Finite element methods, boundary element methods, hybrid parallelization

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