Preface: Dealing with Antiquity. Case Studies and Methodological Considerations in the Ethical Engagement of Ancient Materials

  • Lauren Morris (Author)
  • Amanda M. Davis Bledsoe (Author)
  • Fabian Heil (Author)

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The Distant Worlds Journal is an online peer-reviewed journal established especially for presenting the research of early-career scholars on the ancient world. In seeking to encompass a broad range of distinct academic fields, each edition of the DWJ takes as its starting point a question or specific topic pertinent to the diverse disciplines engaged in the study of ancient cultures. In the opening edition of this journal, papers explored the question of how the meaning of an object changes throughout its “life” in the past and present. This second edition of the DWJ, “Dealing with Antiquity”, has shifted in focus to the role and responsibilities of the researcher, and has served as a platform to consider how those working in academia could deal with unprovenanced, recently surfaced ancient materials in a way that advances knowledge, as well as being ethically sound. This is a persistent issue behind the scenes of research across academic disciplines, but one that is growing ever more relevant in contemporary times.