Entangled Itineraries. A Transformation of Taweret into the 'Minoan Genius'?

  • Nora Kuch (Author)

Identifiers (Article)


This paper deals with the appearance of the Minoan Genius in the Aegean Middle and Late Bronze Age. In its earliest depictions, a strong Egyptian influence is apparent, which raises questions about  the  distribution  and  transfer  of  motifs,  things  and  ideas  through  space  and  time.  Starting  in Egypt, the appearance and function of Taweret will be illustrated first, followed by the development of the Minoan Genius, presented in some specific examples.  In  the  second  part,  some  theoretical  concepts  will  be  discussed  that  deal  with  travelling  and distribution  of  objects  and  ideas.  Therefore,  some  stations  of  a  possible  encounter  will  be
highlighted, illustrating some possibilities of transfer  by people, who  have to  be  understood as an active part within a Mediterranean meshwork of exchange. In merging theory and the archaeological record, some stepping stones of cultural entanglement can be worked out and will demonstrate how
motifs can travel and merge within different cultural entities.