About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Self-regulation and regulation is an open-access peer-reviewed journal serving as a potential outlet for edge-cutting interdisciplinary research on regulatory processes in individuals and organizations. It is published by the research council of Field of Focus 4 (FoF4) of Heidelberg University.

Each year, two volumes will be published: one contains a collection of thematically-related articles; the second contains selected articles on different topics. In addition, the reader will be informed about the diverse activities of FoF4, uniting scientists of the faculty of behavioral and empirical cultural studies, the faculty of social sciences and economics, as well as the faculty of law.

We are dedicated to support high-quality work crossing disciplinary boundaries. Due to the fact that each discipline has its own „style of publishing“, we allow for different formats of contributions, ranging from comments and essays over data-based research papers to literature reviews. The journal accepts contributions in both English and German.

As an e-journal, Self-regulation and Regulation invites contributors to include a variety of media content (multimedia). Another advantage is the global accessibility through Open Access publishing.

Peer Review Process

All original submissions undergo a peer review by two reviewers. All submissions in the sections Forum Field of Focus 4 and commentaries undergo an editorial review. After a submission is accepted for publication, it will be carefully copy-edited and prepared for print.

Open Access Policy

Self-Regulation and Regulation provides immediate open access to all published content.