Kwestie miejskie w Królestwie Polskim, czyli o sprawczym dyskursie

  • Aleksander Łupienko (Autor/in)


ALEKSANDER LUPIENKO (Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences) / Urban issues in the Kingdom of Poland, or of a discourse of agency
Kamil Śmiechowski’s book Kwestie miejskie. Dyskusja o problemach i przyszłości miast w Królestwie Polskim 1905–1915 (Urban issues. Discussion on the problems and future of cities in the Kingdom of Poland 1905–1915) discusses debates on cities in the last 10 years of Russian rule in the Kingdom of Poland. The author analyses the most important urban problems, including mainly the lack of self-government and the effect of the lack of political agency among the Polish elite in relation to debates about the needs of cities and visions for their future at the time.