Obok modernizmu - reformatorskie tendencje w architekturze początków XX wieku. Poznań w orbicie wpływów europejskich

  • Hanna Grzeszczuk-Brendel (Author)

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Modernism as well as reforminig tendences in architecture of early 20th century

In the architecture of the 20th century aspiration to modernity is mainly associated with the avant-garde. Even, if we take the paradigm of modernism for the indicator of modernity it will turn out that, especially at the beginning of the 20th century, there were tendencies which searched for architectonic solutions appropriate to expectations of the contemporary man. The tendencies, which could be defined as reforming ones, as opposed to the avant-garde were both suppressed by ist expansion and adopted by it to a considerable degree after the WWI. In the paper I will discuss selected reforming activities from Germany and Vienna as the most significant from the Polish point of view having a considerable influence on the image of Poznan in the years 1905-1918.