About the Journal

Syllogos - Herodotus Journal is a new peer-reviewed journal dedicated to all aspects of Herodotus' Histories: to the world of Herodotus’ text; to the Mediterranean, Near Eastern, North African and European) worlds to which his Histories relate; and the global reception of Herodotus’ work from antiquity to the present day. 

Syllogos - Herodotus Journal is managed by the Herodotus Helpline, a charity registered in Scotland which began as an informal research seminar in the first COVID-19 lockdown of 2020. The name of the journal ('joint discussion’, 'assembly') recalls these origins. It also speaks to the journal’s commitment to inclusion: of the widest readership; of the widest range of contributors; and of a plurality of voices.

The journal is double-blind peer-reviewed and published free-of-charge because of the financial and other support of a number of institutions: Heidelberg University Library; Columbia University; University of Genova; Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel; University of Leicester; Sorbonne Université; University of St Andrews; Swarthmore College; the Association ‘Sauvegarde des enseignements littéraires’. 

The journal is typeset by Jenny Messenger (of Atomic Typo), using Kindersley Street and Kindersley Greek, a new typeface designed for Syllogos by Lida Cardozo Kindersley and John Mawby of the Cardozo Kindersley Workshop. The journal cover and website are designed by Wong Tsz (Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel).