The continuity and discontinuity between waking and dreaming: A Dialogue between Michael Schredl and Allan Hobson concerning the adequacy and completeness of these notions

Allan Hobson, Michael Schredl


The discussion between J. Allan Hobson and Michael Schredl covers a broad variety of topics that are still“hot” in dream research. The starting point is the continuity hypothesis of dreaming which is complemented by AllanHobson’s theory of protoconsciousness. Whereas there is no disagreement that waking life is reflected in dreams, thediscussion evolves around discontinuity, i.e., how dream activities are explained that the dreamer never experienced inhis/her waking life, and possible functions of dreaming. These functions might include preparation for waking life or personalgrowth. The aim of this paper is to stimulate a discussion among the researchers in the field on these topics whichare of fundamental importance for neurophysiological and psychological dream research.


Continuity hypothesis; Protoconsciousness theory; Functions of dreaming

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