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The Effects of Near Death Experiences on Dreaming: A pilot study

Art Funkhouser (Author)

published online May 12, 2021


A Near Death Experience (NDE) often has a profound “aftereffect” on the individual, changing her or his worldview – often in a beneficial way. The current pilot study is the first to study the effects of NDEs on subsequent dream contents. Overall, 46 individuals completed an online questionnaire. The findings indicate that NDEs resulted in significantly a) more positive dreams, b) more vivid dreams, c) improved dream recall, d) an increased number of spiritual dreams, e) an increased interest in dreams, and f) an increased interest in the dreams of others; results that are consistent with the continuity hypothesis of dreaming. As the pilot study indicated that NDEs also have profound effects on the dream life of the individual, more in-depth studies are warranted.