Dreams of core family members in a long dream series

  • Michael Schredl (Author)
    Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany

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Dream persons are a major ‘ingredient’ of dreams. Close persons like partners and family members were found in about 10% to 30%. In the present analysis of a dreams series (N = 8420 dreams; recorded over a period of 23 yrs.) of a male dreamer, members of his core family were present in 19% of all dreams. There was a slight decrease in frequency over the years, reflecting the changes in waking-life context and maybe the increasing time interval between dream and childhood (time period with the most intense contact to the core family members). Interestingly, the quality of the interaction with the father was becoming more positive in the course of the dream series; possible a reflection of the process of self-development. The present study demonstrates that long dream series offer a unique opportunity to study the long-term effects and changes of close relationships on dream life. It would be very interesting to study in larger samples questions like whether the emotional quality of the waking-life relationship with the family members affect their frequency within dreams and whether the frequency and interaction between dreamer and core family member change over time.


Dream series, mother, father, siblings, continuity hypothesis
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Schredl, M. (2013). Dreams of core family members in a long dream series. International Journal of Dream Research, 6(2), 114–118. https://doi.org/10.11588/ijodr.2013.2.11055