Assessing the effects of meditation on dream imagery, depression and anxiety

  • Nicolle J Miller (Author)
    Trent University
  • Teresa L DeCicco (Author)
    Trent University
    Full Proffessor; Department of Psychology
  • Allyson L Dale (Author)
    University of Ottawa
  • Anthony Murkar (Author)
    University of Ottawa

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This study utilized both quantitative and qualitative statistical methods to examine dreams in 22 University students and the effects of meditation on waking day depression levels (BDI), trait anxiety levels (BAI-T) and dream imagery. Results are consistent with previous research in that mood levels changed over the course of the meditation period, specifically, moods benefit from meditation. Specific dream imagery correlated with both depression and anxiety scores, such as scene changes and animals in dreams. There were multiple significant correlations found between dream content and discoveries before and after meditation. This research illustrates that meditation affects dream imagery and mood. Implications for future research are discussed as well as applications of dream work and meditation in applied practice.


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Park Road South Community Home, Paul J Sullivan Centre
Dream Imagery, Meditation, Mood
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Miller, N. J., DeCicco, T. L., Dale, A. L., & Murkar, A. (2015). Assessing the effects of meditation on dream imagery, depression and anxiety. International Journal of Dream Research, 8(2), 99–104.