Animal models of sleep pertaining to dream research

  • Anthony Murkar (Author)
    University of Ottawa
  • Farooq Kamal (Author)
    University of Ottawa

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Although animal models have been useful for uncovering nuclei responsible for the mediation of different sleep states, these techniques are rarely viable methods for studying mentation during sleep (both because of ethical considerations, and because animals cannot report the content of their dreams). Relevant animal models of sleep disorders and states are often neglected rather than used to inform future directions in dream research with human subjects. Here findings from animal models of sleep that may pertain to dream research are presented to highlight that overlap between research fields can provide unique insights into the neurobiology of dreaming. It is suggested that such areas of overlap should act to guide future targets in dream research with human subjects. 


animal model, sleep, RBD, REM
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Murkar, A., & Kamal, F. (2015). Animal models of sleep pertaining to dream research. International Journal of Dream Research, 8(2), 172–173.