Dreams of the deceased: Can themes be reliability coded?

  • Joshua Black (Author)
    Brock University
    PhD Student in Psychology at Brock University.
  • Teresa DeCicco (Author)
    Trent University
  • Corrine Seeley (Author)
    Queen's University
    Recieved PhD from Queen's Univeristy
  • Anthony Murkar (Author)
    University of Ottawa
    PhD Student at Univeristy of Ottawa
  • Jade Black (Author)
    University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)
    Recieved MA for UOIT
  • Patrick Fox (Author)
    Trent University
    MSc Student at Trent Unviersity

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The main goal of the current study was to determine the reliability of Garfield’s (1996) dream themes of the deceased in a larger sample of dream data. A total of 76 dreams were collected and scored by two judges to determine inter-rater reliability. It was found that Garfield’s (1996) dream themes as a whole where not reliable. However, based on her previous work and others, eight new dream themes of the deceased were developed. It was found that these themes had acceptable inter-rater reliability. This research is a necessary step forward in dreams in bereavement research. 


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Trent University
Dream themes, grief, bereavement, dreams of the deceased
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Black, J., DeCicco, T., Seeley, C., Murkar, A., Black, J., & Fox, P. (2016). Dreams of the deceased: Can themes be reliability coded?. International Journal of Dream Research, 9(2), 110–114. https://doi.org/10.11588/ijodr.2016.2.28117