Culture, gender, and media use predictors of dreams among Canadian students

  • Sarah Gahr (Author)
    MacEwan University
    Ms. Gahr recently received her BA in psychology with honors from MacEwan University.
  • Jayne Isabel Gackenbach (Author)
    MacEwan University
    Professor, Department of Psychology, Grant MacEwan University

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The predictability of culture, gender, and media use for dream type information in Canadian students was the focus of this inquiry. Independent variables were gender (sex of subject and relative masculinity and femininity) culture; (ethnic identity and self-construal of independence versus interdependence) and media use (various gaming, social media, and cell phone questions). These were regressed onto several dream content related dependent variables. These were gathered using the Dream Intensity Scale and research participant and judges evaluations of a recent dream. Gender variables were better able to predict content of self-report dream measures while gender variables showed no difference from media use or culture in predicting judge’s evaluations of dream content.


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MacEwan University
culture, video games, gender, dream content, dream history, self-construal, ethnic identity, social media
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Gahr, S., & Gackenbach, J. I. (2017). Culture, gender, and media use predictors of dreams among Canadian students. International Journal of Dream Research, 10(2), 110–119.