The line of the least resistance method in working with dreams

  • Miroslav Krste Pendaroski (Author)
    Faculty of Psychology, MIT University, Skopje, Macedonia
    PhD, Faculty of Psychology, MIT University, Dean of the faculty
  • Katerina Nikolovska (Author)

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This paper ideas are result of a years long practical work with dreams through integrative, systemic-eclectyc approach and a wide theoretical interest in the field of theories of sleep and dreaming starting with first classical psychoanalytical ideas and going to the nowadays new neurocognitive theories. The main ideas in the are around the searching of the authors for some common ground between psychoanalytical theory of dreaming and neurocognitive theories of sleep and dreams, mainly through the idea of authors that the common ground is so called personal meaning of dreams. There is also a practical goal – exploration of integrative method for working with dreams named – a method of the line of least resistance. In fact this paper main mission is to show and explore this approach in working with dreams and this is done through complete and structured approach supported with templates and sheets that are used in this practical work.


dreams, psychotherapy, method,
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Pendaroski, M. K., & Nikolovska, K. (2017). The line of the least resistance method in working with dreams. International Journal of Dream Research, 10(2), 191–194.