The World Dream As Parable of Being

  • Kurt Forrer (Author)

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The bulk of the scientific fraternity still regards the world as ‘a thing as such’, a ‘reality’, in other words, that is independent of an active mind. Its proponents build their theories on facts they regard as something certain, steadfast and unalterable. The etymology of ‘fact’ reveals that its meaning has its roots in the Latin word ‘facere’, ‘to do’. Its present day meaning was established in the 17th century when it meant ‘something that has occurred’. An occurrence is based on observation, which does not enjoy universal consensus, but is an individual matter. Like a dream, which is an occurrence, waking occurrences need interpretation. In light of this a waking fact is no more certain, steadfast and unalterable than a dream fact. Neither of them is real, for the precondition of reality is something unchanging. What, however, is steadfast and unchanging is consciousness. It persists when someone is knocked unconscious and it persists even beyond the death of the body. NDEs provide evidence for this, and so does the ‘death’ of the mystic and yogi. In daily life consciousness may fluctuate, but it will never extinguish. Consciousness is the sine qua non of existence and thus its everlastingness imbues the sense of reality to dreams and waking experience. Absolute Consciousness contains all there is, was and will be. It reveals its unexpanded content by emanating it in form of dreams and waking life where it expands in an illusive show like Plato’s play of shadows or like the cinematic screening or the virtual reality headgear. Like a cinematic screening, existence, which means standing out from something, is a projection. The projector is the brain, which screens the dream world inside the skull and the waking world outside of it. Both projections are illusive. The circumstance that dreams can conjure up vast landscapes within the skull forces us to suspect that the same applies to the waking world. Radin’s innumerable Double Slit experiments that show that consciousness collapses wave functions instantly at enormous distances, together with QM entanglement, makes nonsense of the speed of light and thus of time and space. Consciousness gives up its inner reality in a manner that might be compared to white light of the sun revealing its innate rainbow colours as it passes through a crystal, which latter would be analogous to the brain. NDE subjects often ask if the light they encounter was God. The answer is always ‘no’. This is because that light is the first manifestation of God, or of absolute Consciousness, just as the rays of the sun are its first manifestation and not the sun itself. A reflection of that divine light is ever-present in all life forms. We experience it in NREM Delta sleep. Unfortunately we forget it by the time we wake up since we have passed through the commotion of the last dream.


Consciousness, Near Death Experience, Virtual Reality Headgear, NREM Delta Sleep
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