General knowledge about lucid dreaming and lucid dream induction techniques: An online study

  • Annabelle Neuhäusler (Author)
  • Michael Schredl (Author)
    Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany
  • Anja S. Göritz (Author)

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A variety of induction techniques have been proposed to increase lucid dream frequency. An online survey was performed asking about knowledge of lucid dreaming and lucid dream induction techniques. The initial sample size was N=1380 with a subsample of N=716 who were asked questions concerning lucid dream induction techniques. The findings indicate that one quarter of all participants had heard of lucid dreaming once or several times via literature, the Internet or friends. An increase in age was negatively correlated to previous knowledge of lucid dreaming whereas female gender and higher education showed a positive correlation to knowledge about lucid dreaming via literature and friends. The lucid dream induction techniques of reality checks, critical questions, hypnosis and supplements are most commonly known to the subsample of the survey participants. Except for hypnosis these techniques are also the most often applied. The total number of techniques that are known correlated negatively with age, but not with gender or education. No significant differences, however, were found for the total number of techniques that were applied. It would be very interesting to study whether the reported application of these induction techniques – carried out in the home setting by the individual alone – had beneficial effects on lucid dream frequency as the efficacy of most induction techniques were only studied within formal research projects.


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Lucid dreaming; lucid dreaming induction; knowlegde about lucid dreaming
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Neuhäusler, A., Schredl, M., & Göritz, A. S. (2018). General knowledge about lucid dreaming and lucid dream induction techniques: An online study. International Journal of Dream Research, 11(2), 179-185.