About three "self-state dreams"

  • Ephrat Havron (Author)
    The David Yellin Academic College Jerusalem, Israel.

    Department of Bibliotherapy; Department of special education.

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Heinz Kohut suggested that `Preservation of the self` is fundamental to human development. Kohut identified "self-state dreams", which describe, name and correct moments of narcissistic injury which are dangerous to the self. They are one of the ways by which a person self-regulates, defends and enables the development of his or her self. In this paper, I would like to observe how the self is preserved and evolves through three self-state dreams: a patient`s dream presented in therapy; the phantasy of Peter – the hero of Prokofiev's musical story 'Peter and the Wolf'; and the composer himself whose work – I would like to suggest – functions as a "self-state dream" as well.


Self-state Dreams, Heinz Kohut, Self Psychology, Dreamwork, Peter and the wolf, Serge Prokofiev
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