Book review: Dreams, Vietnam and Other Dreams, by Marc Levy

  • Jonas Mathes (Author)
    University of Düsseldorf

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The former infantry medic Marc Levy published his dream reports, which he was recording regularly for one year, 45 years after he returned from Vietnam War. After the war, he was suffering from severe nightmares related to war experiences. Those dreams are also published in another book. In his newer dreams, war themes are less frequently occurring. They mostly represent daily concerns, and severe threatening dream themes are occurring rarely, but war themes are still reported. In some dreams, severe conflicts are escalating between the dream-self and other dream characters, where the dream-self is also physically violent. This books offer future research a possibility to compare dream contents of idiopathic and posttraumatic nightmare dreamers over a long time period.


Dreams, nightmares, PTSD, offender-nightmares, content analysis
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Mathes, J. (2019). Book review: Dreams, Vietnam and Other Dreams, by Marc Levy. International Journal of Dream Research, 12(1), 158–159.