Book Review of “Dreaming in Dark Times” by Sharon Sliwinski

  • Noga Rotem (Author)

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Sharon Sliwinski’s book, Dreaming in Dark Times, reads dreams drawn from six bleak historical moments in the 20th century as texts in political thought. The book convincingly argues that rather than being a purely psychological phenomenon, dreams often dramatize harsh political realities, and might also become a potent political resource for resisting these realities. The book works through a productive tension between the dream that “shield[s] us against the world’s impingements,” and the dream that invites us into the world. However, Sliwinski’s ultimate commitment to a representation of the dream as a last preserve of individuality downplays the great subversive, even conspiratorial political horizon that the book promised by tying our dreams to the collective work of world-building.


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Rotem, N. (2019). Book Review of “Dreaming in Dark Times” by Sharon Sliwinski. International Journal of Dream Research, 12(1), 160–162.