System System dynamics in in-depth psychology - a possible study of the dream

  • Miroslav Krste Pendaroski (Author)
    MIT University, Faculty of Psychology, Skopje, Macedonia

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Everything existing in this world exists in some kind of system. No living being or matter can be abstracted from the system where it came from and to which it belongs. Therefore, the mental life of the human being is part of the so-called world soul and is subjected to the invisible laws of the system dynamics like, for example, in the family, the social system, the national dynamics, and in the whole existence as well. The dreaming, on the other hand, as a psychological aspect of the sleep, is part of the mental system and is subjected to the laws of the individual soul, but also to the influence of the broader mental dimension, especially the subsystem called unconsciousness. This theoretical paper will deal with in-depth analysis, exploration, and explanation of the phenomenon of system dynamics in the dreaming and tries to inform about the world of the dream from a system-dynamic aspect, thus looking at the dream as part of the overall bio-psycho-social whole.


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dream, depth psychology, system dynamics, system
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Pendaroski, M. K. (2019). System System dynamics in in-depth psychology - a possible study of the dream. International Journal of Dream Research, 12(1), 153–157.