An exploratory study of creative problem solving in lucid dreams: Preliminary findings and methodological considerations

Tadas Stumbrys, Michael Daniels


Both historical accounts and modern research suggest that dreams may contribute to creativity and problem solving, however no research has been done to investigate creative problem solving in lucid dreams – in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming. This pilot and exploratory study explored the feasibility of such research. It was also hypothesised that dream characters might help the dreamer. Nine lucid dreamers (the experimental group) and nine non-lucid dreamers (the control group), for ten consecutive nights, had either to solve a logical puzzle or to create a metaphor. The preliminary findings suggest that lucid dreams can contribute to problem solving when dealing with more creative rather than logical tasks and that dream characters can provide plausible creative advice to the dreamer. Several methodological considerations were revealed that should be addressed in future studies.


lucid dreaming; problem solving; creativity; dream characters

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