Increasing perception vividness during lucid dreams by imagining wakefulness

  • Michael Raduga (Author)
  • Zhanna Zhunusova (Author)
  • Andrey Shashkov (Author)

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The goal of this research is to investigate whether imagining that the space of lucid dreams is the actual physical leads to better perception vividness. We had 152 volunteers complete a task during a lucid dream in which they needed to imagine that the space around them was real. Then they needed to check how the quality of perceptions changed. Of the participants, 51% achieved increased vividness; for 23% of them, their perceptions exceeded the vividness of wakefulness. The results of this research might lead to a better understanding of the nature of subjective perceptions in lucid dreams, which, in turn, might help in researching this phenomenon and its application.


lucid dreams, consciousness, REM sleep, imagining, the phase state, perceptions, vividness, wakefulness
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Raduga, M., Zhunusova, Z., & Shashkov, A. (2020). Increasing perception vividness during lucid dreams by imagining wakefulness. International Journal of Dream Research, 13(2), 281–284.