An effective lucid dreaming method by inducing hypnopompic hallucinations

  • Michael Raduga (Author)

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Most people experience lucid dreams (LDs), which are dreams in which the dreamer is conscious and able to perceive vivid perceptions. There are many ways to induce LDs, but their levels of efficiency are far from satisfactory. In this study, we analyze the efficiency of an LD method that was tested in commercial events with hundreds of groups over 12 years. The main feature of the method is that hypnopompic hallucinations are induced that allow an LD plot to start directly from the bedroom upon awakening, which makes the LD feel like an out-of-body experience. This method originated from the Tibetan dream yoga tradition and has been heavily modified according to a strict algorithm of specific actions. Data from 449 people, mostly newbies, who tried this method over the course of two nights indicated that 484 attempts were successful. This method might help ordinary LD enthusiasts to get efficient practice, as well as more research opportunities for studying lucid dreaming and the human brain.


lucid dreams, out-of-body experience, consciousness, REM sleep, hypnopompic hallucinations, induction methods, techniques, practice
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Raduga, M. (2021). An effective lucid dreaming method by inducing hypnopompic hallucinations . International Journal of Dream Research, 14(1), 1–9.