The role of post-conscious in creating dreams and imaginations of the future

  • Hashim Talib Hashim (Author)
  • Mustafa Ahmed Ramadhan (Author)
    University of Baghdad, College of Medicine, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Sudhan Rackimuthu (Author)
    Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore, Karnataka, India

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Post-conscious is an imaginary state of consciousness that convinces the mind to do the work that it intends to do only to help overcome the conflicts between consciousness and unconsciousness. This state of consciousness is developed to explain what is not explained by the other states of consciousness. So, what we propose is in essence that the post-conscious as such an unconscious function of the mind, designed to ignite dreams that correct or solve these (conscious or unconscious) conflicts or challenges. To determine the role of post-conscious in creating dreams and imaginations of the future. The study is a cross sectional study involving 112 participants from 25 countries. Convenient sampling was employed with all participants involved in the study either pursuing or have completed their undergraduate education with no past history of any psychiatric illness. The questionnaire was administered, and data recorded through in person or video call interviews. The questionnaire was tested for reliability and validity. 54.5% said that they sometimes dream about their thoughts and conflicts about future events. 88.4% of them said that their dreams about the future did not come true for any more than two times during their life up until now. 90.2% of the participants said that this kind of dreams make them relaxed. No significant differences were found concerning age and gender of the subjects dreaming about future events. Dreaming about future events and thoughts do not take enough time to be saved in one’s unconsciousness, which is why they are released by our postconscious to make them satisfied and relaxed about what we are worrying about or stressed about. Some of the dreams causes us to relax, we suggest calling them “Good dreams”, While others make you uncomfortable; “Bad dreams”.


Consciousness, Dreams, Psychiatry, Unconscious, Postconscious, Psychology, preconscious
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Talib Hashim, H., Ramadhan, M. A., & Rackimuthu, S. . (2022). The role of post-conscious in creating dreams and imaginations of the future . International Journal of Dream Research, 15(2), 267–270.