Dreams with natural elements in psychotherapy

  • Dusan Fabik (Author)

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The paper focuses on dreams containing images of natural elements. In theory and research, it is based on the extensive works by Ernest Hartmann, who discovered that these dreams appear with increased frequency in people after various traumatic events. The publication considers a broader framework of this knowledge. It assumes that intense dreams with natural elements appear as a result of any extremely intense emotional energy that has remained unexpressed or unexperienced in the dreamer, not just the traumatic one. These assumptions are verified on the basis of three case studies. The first case study contains a dream with the image of a tornado, the second a dream with the image of a storm and the third a dream with the image of a hurricane. Thanks to the analysis of these dreams, which resulted from current scientific knowledge, assumptions have been accepted that dreams with natural elements can be associated with unexpressed or unexperienced emotional energy.


working with dreams, emotions in dream, dream contents
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Fabik, D. (2022). Dreams with natural elements in psychotherapy. International Journal of Dream Research, 15(2), 248–254. https://doi.org/10.11588/ijodr.2022.2.90096