Graduate Workshop on Digital Tools for Art Historians: The Visualizing Venice Summer Program “The Biennale and the City” (2015)

Caroline Bruzelius


Art Historians who wish to engage with the potential of digital tools for research and narratives about works of art, architecture and cities often have difficulties identifying appropriate software and receiving basic training.  To address this challenge, the Wired! group at Duke University began to offer workshops in 2009, and since 2012 these have been taught on site at Venice International University, which created a laboratory for this purpose.  Our goal has been to assist scholars in learning basic skills not only to create maps, models, and displays that narrate research questions, but also to acquire enough knowledge to join in effective and directed partnerships with computer scientists and engineers. In 2015, the Getty Foundation covered the costs of travel and living expenses for the faculty and participants, while the Delmas Foundation has helped since 2012 with the costs of tuition.


Workshops; digital literacy; digital training; Digital Art History

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