Editorial. Creating New Spaces in Art History

  • Harald Klinke (Author)
  • Liska Surkemper (Author)
  • Justin Underhill (Author)

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Art History is much more than a discipline of flat, 2D images. Even digital image atlases and metapictures often surpass the limitations of arranging the large image sets on x- and y-coordinates by adding the z-axis—thus, creating a three-dimensional space in which a more complex relational network can be visualized and navigated.

With the third issue, then, it is fitting to focus on the third dimension in Art History, and the digital realm that continues to mediate and transform it.


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Klinke, Harald, Liska Surkemper, and Justin Underhill. 2018. “Editorial. Creating New Spaces in Art History”. International Journal for Digital Art History, no. 3 (July). https://doi.org/10.11588/dah.2018.3.49921.