Queer criticalities

Instagram, and the ethics of museum display

  • Horace D. Ballard (Author)
    Williams College Museum of Art

    Horace D. Ballard, Ph.D. is the Curator of American Art at the Williams College Museum of Art. Ballard also is a faculty affiliate of the joint Graduate Program in the History of Art at the Clark Art Institute and Williams College.

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This essay explores the ways in which queer critical theory might be productively applied to digital art history and curatorial practice. Reflecting on a recent critically-acclaimed exhibition at the Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA), the author creates a theoretical framework of digital and aesthetic futurity that accords well with a curatorial exercise in visualizing queer affective networks on social media.


Type, method or approach
collections, contemporary art, data visualization, GLAM institutions, curatorial practice, phenomenology, queer theory, social media content
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Ballard, Horace D. 2019. “Queer Criticalities: Instagram, and the Ethics of Museum Display”. International Journal for Digital Art History, no. 4 (November):3.03-3.09. https://doi.org/10.11588/dah.2019.4.67697.