Architecture Transformed

Architectural Processes in the Digital Image Space

  • Hubert Locher (Translator)
  • Dominik Lengyel (Author)
  • Catherine Toulouse (Author)
  • Florian Henrich (Author)

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The production and conception of architecture are not only shaped by the technical-constructive aspect but also by their visual representation. Since the 1980s, with the advent of digital technologies for the design and visual representation of architecture (computer-aided design), far-reaching changes have occurred, resulting in fundamentally new possibilities for linking technical design and visual reproduction (computer rendering to virtual photography). This cooperative project undertakes an investigation of these essentially process-related relationships outlined here in design and visualization during the transition phase from analogue to digital planning and display format methods from 1980 to the present. In exemplary studies on the use and application of the new tools and their visual products (images), the aim is to determine how the ‘digital image’ has changed the concept and production of architecture from the perspective of art history and media criticism on the one hand, and the production aesthetic point of view of architectural and architectural image production on the other.


architecture, Computer-Aided-Design (CAD), interdisciplinary collaboration, digital image, visualization
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Locher, Hubert, Dominik Lengyel, Catherine Toulouse, and Florian Henrich. 2021. “Architecture Transformed: Architectural Processes in the Digital Image Space”. International Journal for Digital Art History, no. 8 (October):66-81.