Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Fifth Edition of the Distant Worlds Journal (DWJ)

„Benefits and problems of the cultural anthropological perspective in the studies of the Ancient World. Theories, Methods, Case Studies.“


We warmly invite early-career researchers to contribute essays to the 5th edition of the Distant Worlds Journal in which they analyse ancient cultures from a cultural anthropological perspective. 


The relationship between Cultural Anthropology and Ancient Studies is difficult. Anthropologists had already been interested in historical questions during the 19th century. However, only from the end of World War II onwards exchange between Cultural Anthropology and History has intensified in countries such as Great Britain, the USA, France and Italy, leading to the emergence of a new discipline which we might call Historical Anthropology of the Ancient World. Henceforth, anthropologists started to look closer at ancient cultures and societies, while historians, philologists and archaeologists worked together with anthropologists or used anthropological methods and theories in order to reconstruct ancient societies. In the past and even today, however, German-speaking researchers still show less interest in cultural anthropological issues.   


We would like to encourage young researchers of both Cultural Anthropology and Ancient Studies to apply cultural anthropological theories and methods to themes, concerning aspects of ancient cultures within their contributions. For us, Cultural Anthropology is the science of human beings and their cultural practices and beliefs from a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective, including different types of sources. The subject of research may cover a variety of themes such as: human body, festivals and rituals, religion, myth, kinship, gender, cultural transfer, economy, politics, ecology etc. We would like to broaden the horizon of both Cultural Anthropology and Ancient Studies beyond their limitations within the Graeco-Roman focussed Classics. In order to do so, we intend to include all disciplines that deal with ancient or ‘old’ cultures, no matter on which of the five continents.


We invite young researchers who deal with the Ancient World to present an essay in which they discuss methods and theories of Cultural Anthropology in a case study. Therefore, please send us a short abstract (200-400 words), outlining the content and idea of your essay. The essay itself should consist of 3000–6000 words, and can be composed either in English or in German. Submit your abstract by the 25th of March 2018 to


The deadline for the essay is the 15th of July 2018. Further information on the editorial guidelines and the review process is available on our website:

We are looking forward to many interesting contributions.


Daniel Fallmann, Fabian Heil, Gioele Zisa

Doctoral Fellows of the Munich Graduate School for Ancient Studies ´Distant Worlds`




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