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  • Charlotte Schubert (Autor/in)

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In order to perform a search for a simple word or a conjunction of multiple words there is in classics currently some established software available (e.g. Diogens by P. Heslin, the Text Search function of TLG-online, Pandora). The search functions of newer text mining methods are going further by offering the potential to show syntagmatic contexts. If two terms are occurring together in at least one local context they are in a relationship that can be denominated as syntagmatic context. The search function of eAQUA is based on this fact. By typing a term in the search mask results of this kind are displayed as a graph visualization
(graphical display of a word net of sentence cooccurrences) and as lists of significant cooccurrences and neighborhood cooccurrences (both ordered by significance). With the help of examples derived from the project work in eAQUA (e.g. rare cooccurrences) shall be elucidated below which new and innovative potentials for the modus operandi of classicists are gained from the use of this search method.


Text mining methods, syntagmatic context, sentence cooccurrences, rare cooccurrences, Atthidographers, Anacharsis