HCIAS Working Papers on Ibero-America

About the Journal

HCIAS Working Papers publishes peer-reviewed works from different perspectives and research fields of the humanities and social sciences that present the findings of ongoing research on Ibero-America. HCIAS Working Papers aims to bring attention to new theoretical and methodological perspectives and stimulating scientific dialog on issues of particular concern to the societies composing the Ibero-American macro-region within a global polycentric framework. HCIAS Working Papers contributions are evaluated by external reviewers to guarantee the quality of the publication and, above all, its capacity to contribute to international academic discussion. Being that these works are still in progress, the HCIAS Working Papers manuscripts may be further elaborated upon and published in other journals. HCIAS Working Papers on Ibero-America is an open-access publication series edited by the Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American-Studies and hosted by heiJOURNALS of Heidelberg University Library.


HCIAS Working Papers invites scholars from the humanities and social sciences to submit their findings from ongoing disciplinary and interdisciplinary research on issues that are of particular relevance to the Ibero-American macroregion and its societies. Contributions may be submitted at any time. Please make sure to comply with the requirements for submission and to adhere to the author guidelines.