Témoigner sur scène : Rwanda 94 de Groupov

  • Silke Segler-Meßner (Autor/in)


Faced with Europe's silence on the 1994 genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda, Groupov, a Liège-based collective of artists from a variety of disciplines and nationalities, has created a theatrical project in cooperation with Rwandan survivors that aims to do justice to those who have not been heard: the dead. In the publication of the drama titled Rwanda 94 by Éditions Théâtrales in 2002, the objective of the spectacle is formulated by its authors as a subtitle on the first page: « An attempt of symbolic reparation towards the dead for the use of the living. » At the heart of our contribution is the question of the Groupov collective's strategies for bearing witness to genocide on stage. We analyze the revival and adaptation of tragic elements to give a voice to the dead and to create a postcatastrophic aesthetic.


Groupov, Rwanda 94, Genozid, Zeugnis