Das auto sacramental im Spiegel neuzeitlicher performance-Kultur

  • Dorothea Kraus (Autor/in)
    Romanisches Seminar der Universität Heidelberg


The introduction of the word “performance” in the German language by the late 1970s led to the specification of an activity which consists in a special kind of communication and a space-sharing between two or more groups in real time. Beyond theatre, performance describes various concepts of the corporal encounter between the spectators and the artist(s) in a special moment, and this is why performance will give way to the analysis of the theatrical spectacle within the celebrations of the Corpus Christi in baroque Spain. Regarding the principles of performances, which mean bodily availability, media presence and temporary fixing, the auto sacramental can be seen as something different from what it was read: Its power does not come from the strength of the text, but rather requires the corporal assistance from the performer and the audience to ensure a better grasp of the religious concept behind it.


Performanz, auto sacramental, Präsenz, körperliche Verfügbarkeit