Un trabajo compartido. Las colaboraciones transnacionales de directores latinoamericanos

  • Jonathan Risner (Autor/in)
    Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Universität Heidelberg

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Recently, Latin American filmmakers Andrés Muschietti, Fede Álvarez, and Nicolás López have directed high-budget horror films with international distribution: Mama, Evil Dead, and Aftershock, respectively. In each film, the director collaborated with an auteur (Guillermo del Toro, Sam Raimi, and Eli Roth) who served as producer, executive producer, co-script writer, and/or actor. This article examines paratexts such as interviews, DVD extras, and movie posters that characterize and distinguish these directorial collaborations, in addition to considering the different transnational facets of each film. The pairing of directors neither detracts from an auteur’s standing nor preempts the ability of the lesser-known director to formulate his own film style. Instead, paratexts suggest how an auteur may serve as a mentor to another director, as a scout who recognizes directorial talent, and, ultimately, as a transnational brand that appeals to audiences


Auteur, Transnational, Mama, Andrés Muschietti, Guillermo del Toro, Evil Dead, Fede Álvarez, Sam Raimi, Aftershock, Nicolás López, Eli Roth