Die Prologe von Unamunos <i>Niebla</i>

  • Alexander Neumann (Autor/in)

Identifier (Artikel)


Many of Miguel de Unamuno’s works probe the nature of reality and its boundaries within texts. This preoccupation with the control an author holds or loses over a text provides ample material for a deeper understanding of the complex prologic structure of his novel Niebla, including its various epitexts. This article contextualizes the ways in which the author approaches the reader and the positions that author and reader gain and switch regarding the medium. As the article shows, not only is it clear that the prologues are an integral part of the metafictional construct that Niebla is, but they are also apparent solutions that help explain the contradictions created when the authorship of the prologues turns out not to withstand the complexity of Unamuno's metafictional creation as a whole.


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Miguel de Unamuno, Victor Goti, Niebla, Metafiktion, metafiction, Prolog, prologue, Autor, author, Leser, reader, auktoriale Instanz, authorial entity