About the Journal

Focus and Scope

JDDM publishes original peer-reviewed work – both theoretical and empirical – focusing on cognitive, behavioral and social processes involved in Dynamic Decision Making (DDM). DDM encompasses decision processes involving decisions at multiple points in time that may depend on previous decisions and changing conditions of the environment, often with imperfect information, conflicting goals, and multiple actors or stakeholders. While some DDM problems can be understood within a rational choice framework, realistic DDM problems are frequently complex and ill-defined, which requires different research approaches and theoretical perspectives.

Besides original empirical and experimental work, JDDM explicitly encourages replication studies, single case studies, position papers, commentaries, secondary data analyses, cultural comparison, or reports on tools and methods. JDDM will only publish articles that follow scientific principles of transparency, replicability, and objectivity. 

JDDM is a multidisciplinary open-access journal, free of charge for both authors and readers. Contributions are expected from academic disciplines such as psychology, economy, philosophy, sociology, political science, cognitive science, system dynamics, and others.

Please note, JDDM will be published online-only, which has some advantages compared to printed journals: we have no page limits, we can publish colored figures without extra costs, and we can add supplementary material to the paper:

  • Page limits: We have no page limits for contributions – but of course we expect authors to write in a concise and easy understandable form. Detailed descriptions of procedures and materials should be placed in an annex.
  • Supplementary materials: Besides the original manuscript, supplementary materials can and should be published on the server (software, tasks, data, etc.). We expect authors to make extensive use of this unique feature of JDDM in order to foster replicability of their research.
  • Publication frequency: immediately after acceptance - there will be no issues, but per year one volume with continuously increasing page numbers. The first volume will be Vol 1 (2015). All papers will receice a DOI. Copyright of published articles will remain with the author.

Peer Review Process

Each manuscript submitted to JDDM will be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers in a blind review process. Reviewers are researchers from the field, chosen by the editor based on their expertise concerning the manuscripts topic.

Publication Frequency

JDDM is an online journal with manuscripts being added to the current issue as soon as they are ready for publication.

Manuscripts will be published immediately after acceptance. They will be added to the current volumes Table of Contents. There will be one volume per year. All papers will receice a DOI.

Open Access Policy

JDDM provides open access to published papers to support international exchange of knowledge, as well as the idea of free and open access to research findings.


The Journal of Dynamic Decision Making is hosted by the Heidelberg University Library

Sources of Support

Journal History

  • The Journal of Dynamic Decision Making (JDDM) was founded by Andreas Fischer, Daniel Holt and Joachim Funke in 2014
  • The first issue of JDDM was published in 2015
  • In July 2019 Dr. Wolfgang Schoppek (University of Bayreuth, Germany) joined the editorial team
  • In August 2020 Dr. Alexander N. Wendt (Università degli Studi di Verona, Italy) joined the editorial team